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PRO&CONTRA International Symposium
Moscow, October 8-11 2011; Krasnoyarsk, October 14-16 2011

The project is realized with Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation support
Under the patronage of Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation
Organized by "MediaArtLab" Centre for Art and Culture
Co-organized by Artplay on Yauza Design Centre
Partners: Royal Netherlands Embassy, Goethe Institut, Moskau, Austrian Cultural Forum

2011 Theme: Total Observer

“Today media constructs reality. Digital technologies change the society, politics and economics, but we are also changing with them. Technologies are extensions of our nervous system. We mutate gradually and become part of it. Under the pressure of the infinite number of cameras, stucked in the web, on one hand, we loose our freedom. But on the other - we expand our rights day by day via technological innovations. Art is not an outsider now, it's a trendsetter with new ideas and introduction into various fields is not directly connected to it. Only art with its intuition and power of imagination not limited by either discourse, or status, or norm becomes able to perceive the vague outlines of the future...”

Olga Shishko, PRO&CONTRA curator


General partner

Under the patronage of

Supported by

Open Society Institute


Площадка проведения

Tactical Media

The PRO&CONTRA Symposium consists of six sections which include talks by theoreticians, artists, curators and public figures, as well as discussions, classes on various subjects and a presentation programme.


Co-curated by Tatiana Volkova, Director of ZHIR Gallery (Russia)

The Yes Men. The Yes Men Fix the World, 2009. Courtesy of the artists

Media activism projects aim is to change social life, namely media interventions of public space, locative media, digital communities, creative interfaces for social networks and communicative communities, art in the form of video games. This section and the corresponding nomination is oriented to support artistic innovations in developing media consciousness and social interaction by transcending geographical, cultural and other borders and reconsidering the relations between individual, political and financial structures.

In the course of the section’s work: talks by tactical media theoreticians and practitioners, panel discussions of the subject and the best PRO&CONTRA OPEN CALL projects, screening of The Yes Men film "The Yes Men Fix the World" (USA, 2009).

Vanessa Ramos-Velasquez reads the "Anthropophagic Re-Manifesto for the Digital Age", part of her work "Digital Anthropophagy". Photo taken at Emergeandsee Media Arts Festival — Berlin, Germany, June 5, 2011. Photo: Pedro Costa



Reports, the co-curator: Tatiana Volkova.

Ivan Zasursky (Head of New Media and Communication Theory Department, Faculty of Journalism, Moscow State University, Russia) — The borders of Tactical Media and independent journalism;
Andrey Velikanov (Artist, philosopher, art theoretician, lecturer, Russia) — The artist in the mediaspace. Liberty and responsibility. Is everything allowed? Between productive provocation and disorderly conduct.;
Tatiana Volkova (Director of ZHIR gallery, Russia) — The development of tactical media in Russia


Discussion panel. Moderated by Tatiana Volkova, Ivan Zasursky

Participants: Dmitry Model (Media activist, Russia), Andrey Velikanov (Artist, philosopher, art theoretician, lecturer, Russia), Alexandre Bidin (Media activist, Russia), Artem Loskutov (Media activist, Russia), Roman Minaev (Media artist, Russia), Anton Nikolaev (Artist, Russia), Victoria Lomasko (artist, Russia), Dmitry Zhvania (mediaaktivist, Russia).
Online participants: The YES MAN (USA), Avram Finkelstein (Activist, USA).


Presentation and discussion. Projects of the 2011 nominees.

Victoria Lomasko, Anton Nikolaev — "Forbidden Art", Anne Brochet — "Wikiantipedia", art-m2 — "GLOBAL ART PROJECT", Gregory Charushin — "Pink Fountain".