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PRO&CONTRA International Symposium
Moscow, October 8-11 2011; Krasnoyarsk, October 14-16 2011

The project is realized with Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation support
Under the patronage of Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation
Organized by "MediaArtLab" Centre for Art and Culture
Co-organized by Artplay on Yauza Design Centre
Partners: Royal Netherlands Embassy, Goethe Institut, Moskau, Austrian Cultural Forum

2011 Theme: Total Observer

“Today media constructs reality. Digital technologies change the society, politics and economics, but we are also changing with them. Technologies are extensions of our nervous system. We mutate gradually and become part of it. Under the pressure of the infinite number of cameras, stucked in the web, on one hand, we loose our freedom. But on the other - we expand our rights day by day via technological innovations. Art is not an outsider now, it's a trendsetter with new ideas and introduction into various fields is not directly connected to it. Only art with its intuition and power of imagination not limited by either discourse, or status, or norm becomes able to perceive the vague outlines of the future...”

Olga Shishko, PRO&CONTRA curator


General partner

Under the patronage of

Supported by

Open Society Institute


Площадка проведения

Selection Committee

ConsTantin Bokhorov

PhD. Russian Art Critic and Curator. Graduated from the Russian Fine Art Academy in St. Petersburg. Contributor for Moscow Art MagazineDialog of Arts and other periodicals. Member of Moscow Union of Artists and AICA. Organized exhibitions of Russian contemporary art at Venice Biennale (1996-1999), Istanbul Biennial (1997), Sao Paulo Biennial (1997). Russian adviser for Documena 12 (2007). In 2000-s curated “Subject and Power” (2001), “Davaj! From laboratories of free art in Russia” (2002), “Toward Video Islands” (2005), “Gatekeepers of New” (2006), “Erwin Wurm: Keep Cool Head” (2008), “Second Dialog” (2009), “Aesthetics & Information” (2010) etc.

Alexander Evengeli

Russian art-critic, contemporary art theorist and curator. Author of hundreds articles about XX century art and contemporary Russian art. Has his own original courses of media theory in School of multimedia and photography Rodchenko and XX century art history in Institute of Culture.
Editor-in-chief www.photographer.ru.
Chairman, artcritics department, Professional Union of Russian Artists.


Media art researcher, curator of "Art.Science.Technology" program of the Ural branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts (Ekaterinburg); MA in Philosophy (USU, Ekaterinburg), MA in Art History (CU Boulder, USA); organizer and participant of a number of international conferences; lecturer at the Philosophy department and Art History & Cultural Studies department of the Ural State University (till Sept., 2011), PhD candidate, University of California, Davis (from Sept., 2011).

Karina Karaeva

Curator, head of cinema and video programs department (National Centre for contemporary arts, Moscow). Makes a research in visual ways of art's commuications. Takes part in international conferences dedicated to art's synthesis. One of organizers of different exhibition's projects. In NCCA organizes screenings and discussions about contemporary cinema and videoart. Main interests: international videoart, performance, body in art.

Liza Morozova

An artist, performer, art theorist, teaching at Moscow Rodchenko ArtSchool. PhD “Psychology of artistic anti-behavior" thematic, Educational Academy of Russia, Moscow (2005); Took part in about 150 exhibitions in 17 countries, the author of 100 performances and installations (Venice Biennale, 2005, together with ESCAPE Program, Prague Biennale, Moscow Biennale). Since 2004 — the leader of “Performance ArtStudio” (social project set up by Liza Morozova), the author of thematic blog dedicated to performance art. Wrote articles to in “Moscow Art Magazin”, “Dialogue of arts”, “The private correspondent”, “Zaart”. Columnist in www.openspace.ru “Performance Around Us”

Daria Parkhomenko

Director of LABORATORIA Art&Science Space, Moscow, Russia. She is a curator specialized in art and science interactions. In 2008 she founded an independent non-profit centre LABORATORIA Art&Science Space focused on establishing a new type of relationship between art, science and society. Daria Parkhomenko created the model of interdisciplinary platforms practices uniting exhibition, discussion and education projects. Daria Parkhomenko studied sociology, history of art, cultural management at Moscow Lomonosov State University and Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences. Parkhomenko participated in various seminars and discussions among them “Syncretic Transcodings 2010”, CIAM, Montreal, Canada, “Art and Technological Sublime”, Centre of Contemporary Culture “Garage”, Moscow, Russia, “Robot Autonomy?”, LABORATORIA, Moscow, Russia and others. She took part in Art&Science Arctic expedition 2010, Cape Farewell project, London, Great Britain.

Elena Selina

A Moscow based art-dealer and curator. Director of XL gallery, one of the most successful and popular Russian galleries specializing in actual art. She conquered the most inaccessible European art forums and is a member of the board of experts of the Art Moscow art fair. Because of her efforts the works of many contemporary Russian masters have been acquired for the best European and American museums’ collections. 

Olga Shishko

Art expert, curator. Her research activities focus on different aspects of contemporary media art (Art on the Net, Video, Cyberculture, etc.). Currently she is art-director of the "MediaForum" Multimedia Art Festival – one of the official programs of the Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF). Founder (since 2000) and Director (since 2006) of the Center of Culture and Art "MediaArtLab", an integrated research within contemporary art involving media technologies. She served on the jury of a number of international exhibitions. She is a member of several professional associations, namely, International Association of Art Critics (since 1997), Cinematographic Union of Russia (since 2000). Currently she is Professor of Media Culture at the Academy of communication.

Curator and editor of the  exhibitions, catalogues, anthologies and books on contemporary media art issues published in Russia, among them: "NewMediaLogia – NewMediaTopia" (Moscow, 1996), "Data Trash" (Moscow, 2000), "Pro&Contra" (Moscow, 2000), the "Anthology of The Russian Media Art" (1st part: “Video Art From Russia”, Moscow, 2001), "Transitland project in Moscow" (Moscow, 2009), "Expanded Cinema" (Moscow, 2011).

Andrey Smirnov

Interdisciplinary artist, curator, composer, author, educator, researcher and developer of interactive computer music techniques. He is a founding director and the senior lecturer of the Theremin Center at Moscow State Conservatory and the lecturer at the Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia. Director of the Moscow Laptop Cyber-orchestra. He has conducted numerous workshops and master classes, curated a number of exhibitions in Russia, Europe and the U.S., attended various festivals and conferences. He is a jury member of the international competitions Nam June Paik Award, Germany (2005), ARS Electronica 2007 (Digital Musics), ICMC 2011. He is collecting and keeping unique archives on the history of Music Technology and Sound Art in the early 20-th century Russia as well as original historical electronic musical instruments, combining deep research into the history of music technology with extensive experience of computer assisted composition and interactive performance.


A Russian artist, philosopher, art theorist, lecturer. An author of the net-art projects and videos. An author of the numerous articles and books in the field of the modern culture and the art theory, among them is a philosophical investigation “Simuliakr li Ia Drozhashchii ili Pravo Imeiu” (“Am I a quaking simulacrum or do I have the right”). Graphic Design Lecturer in the Moscow Academic Fine Art School. A speaker, moderator and participant of the numerous lectures, master-classes and discussions in the field of the modern culture. A prize-winner of some International media-art competitions: Ostranenie (Germany), DADANET(Russia), Art on the Net(Japan), TrashArt(Russia), Southwest Interactive Festival(USA), Split(Croatia).


Director of ZHIR gallery of activist art, coordinator of Artkladovka.ru Archive of Contemporary Russian art.

Tatiana Volkova competed a Masters of Arts at the Academy of National Economy, Moscow; residency of International Studios & Curatorial Program, New York. Tatiana has held curatorial positions at the Tsaritsino Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, Reflex Gallery and the Garage, Moscow.


2008-2010 MA International Programs, Valand School of Fine Arts. Goteborg, Sweden.
2006 -2007 The Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow.

Winner of the ‘Soratnik 2010’ (‘Companion-in-Arms 2010’) award, ‘Innovation 2010’ state award in the sphere of contemporary art.

Personal exhibitions:
2010 — “Rational egoism”, Regina gallery, Moscow.
2009 — “New museum of revolution”, HLAM, Voronezh, Russia.